Taco Nazo increased delivery sales by $73,000 with Google Direct Order.

Learn how Taco Nazo was able to increase delivery
sales by $73,000 in just 3 months with Google Direct Order.

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$ 73,000 in additional revenue
$ 12,000 saved in third-party fees
1,900 additional online orders

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For over 40 years, Taco Nazo has been serving authentic Mexican Cuisine and Ensenada-style seafood to the Los Angeles area. Searching for a way to increase delivery sales and streamline their operations, Taco Nazo partnered with Chowly to integrate all of their online orders into their POS and added on Direct Order with Google to maximize visibility while avoiding pricey third-party fees.

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Case Study


Direct Order allows customers to order food directly from your restaurant’s Google page and complete their entire transaction without leaving Google’s interface. The integration connects your POS menu to your Google menu, so any changes made in your POS system automatically update your Google page.

Case Study

The Solution

Within the first three months after adding on Direct Order with Google, Taco Nazo’s three locations added on $73,000 in additional revenue, saving them over $12,000 in third-party fees. This was roughly 1,900 more online orders at an average basket size of $40.


$ 73,000 additional revenue in the first 3 months of using Direct Order
$ 12,000 saved in third-party fees
1,900 more online orders

About Taco Nazo

Taco Nazo® first began as a humble lunch truck. Soon after, the first restaurant in La Puente, California was established. Since then, the Romero family is proud to say that people come from far and wide to visit the six different locations.

For more information, please visit https://www.taconazo.com/

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