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Chase Gardens Cafe started as a humble coffee shop and has blossomed into a beloved bakery and lunch spot, renowned for its delectable treats and quality brews. The cafe has expanded to a second location beneath a public library, catering to a growing customer base.
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As Chase Gardens Cafe grew in popularity, managing online orders became increasingly cumbersome. With limited resources and a bustling atmosphere, fulfilling orders from three tablets became increasingly challenging. Chase Gardens Cafe needed a solution to streamline online orders without compromising in-house operations.


Chowly Online Ordering provided a seamless bridge between maintaining an online presence and managing day-to-day operations. It automated order processing, reducing the burden on staff and improving overall efficiency. The restaurant also converted 50% of orders to repeat customers through email marketing “opt in” automation allowing Chase Gardens to better connect with their customers digitally.


Using Chowly Online Ordering, Chase Garden Cafe achieved an impressive total of $1,828.00 in online ordering sales. This represented a 24% increase in Off Premise Sales over the previous period.

Conversion Rate from
Site Visits to Orders


Sign Up Rate
Across All Orders

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