Elevate Your Restaurant’s Digital
Guest Experience

Chowly Online Ordering lets you quickly launch, manage, and optimize your first-party ordering solution. 

What Is Chowly Online Ordering?

Chowly is on a mission to bring the same first-party ordering experience to independent restaurants and emerging chains that was previously only available to national players. Take your restaurant’s online ordering experience to the next level with enterprise-grade features. Best of all, Chowly Online Ordering will seamlessly integrate into your point-of-sale.

Delivering Measurable Results


Increase in average monthly revenue



App-store rating



Increase in average order volume


Built for enterprise. Tailored for your size.

Create a Fully Customized Platform

 Customize an ordering site across the web and apps that maintains your brand’s distinct identity.

Product Upsell Recommendations

Use the power of AI and machine learning to increase your average basket size. 

Best-in-Class Conversion Rates

Turn more website visitors into guests to achieve a conversion rate 7x higher than the national average.

Enterprise-Grade Features for Restaurants of All Sizes

Don’t settle for a bland, out-of-the box template. With Chowly Online Ordering, design a site infused with your restaurant’s unique look and feel with near limitless combinations.  

After analyzing your guest’s basket content, Chowly Online Ordering will dynamically feature the most commonly paired items with the help of AI and machine learning algorithms. It even automatically adjusts its recommendations based on different locations, seasonal trends, and menu updates.

Minimize the number of clicks it takes your guests to check out, effortlessly increasing your website’s check out rate.

Chowly Online Ordering makes popular menu item suggestions based on your most frequently-ordered items, so new customers can easily find your signature offerings.

Your Chowly Online Ordering experience can go live within weeks across all locations, regions, and brands.

Having trouble finding delivery drivers? We’ll help fulfill your orders through a delivery dispatch system that automatically sources drivers from every available local network.

Keep More of Your Money

Chowly Online Ordering allows your guests to place orders directly and pay online, bypassing the high commission fees of third-party marketplace apps.

Grow Your Online Ordering Customer Base

First-party ordering allows you to keep your guests’ data, so you can remarket to them and increase their return frequency.

MOD Pizza’s Full Digital Ecosystem

After launching with us in 2020, MOD Pizza established an efficient multi-channel ordering system for over 500 locations in the U.S. As orders shifted toward digital, Chowly Online Ordering seamlessly scaled alongside MOD to ensure they didn’t skip a beat.

P.F. Chang’s Boosted Order Volume

After starting with Chowly Online Ordering, P.F. Chang’s saw a 12% increase in average order size and an 18% increase in monthly order volume. Having a partner that gave them the power to customize and control their digital platform allowed P.F. Chang’s to maintain their in-store branding online.

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