Boost Your Digital Ordering Profitability


It's About Profits, Not Just Revenue

Restaurants are defined by their busy periods and slow periods. With Chowly’s Smart Pricing solution, restaurants can maximize their revenue and profits with a right price at the right time model and keep their income stream consistent.


Simply apply Smart Pricing to only your third parties so your loyal customers' direct ordering always gets your best price

Maximize Revenue & Profits

To cash in on busy periods, restaurants can increase their profit margins by charging more.

Cater to Different Customers

Differentiating prices for customers who order during the week vs. the weekend can further drive demand

Optimize Your Restaurant’s Off-Premise Ordering

Stop manually pausing or adding blanket increases across your ordering platforms. Chowly’s Smart Pricing solution takes the guesswork out of increasing your third-party pricing by using data, analytics, and AI technology to strategically price your menu during peak hours.


Additional annual profit per store with no additional work.


Increase in daily sales on 6 out of 7 days of the week


This represents a 3.8% increased in profit to each order

Start Pricing Your Menu Smarter

Chowly is making enterprise-grade technology accessible to restaurants everywhere. Enhance your online ordering process with Chowly’s Smart Pricing solution.