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Chowly has been constantly growing and evolving since its founding in 2015. 

Chowly's Story

Chowly was founded with a clear mission: to simplify technology for restaurants. Today, we help restaurants succeed by providing best-in-class technology. As the industry continues to evolve, we remain committed to ensuring restaurants stay ahead of the curve, so they are not only surviving but thriving.

Back in 2015, I started asking restaurants about their problems. They kept telling me their Grubhub tablets didn’t talk to their POS systems. Manual order entry and keeping menus up to date was their problem. So Justin and I set out to solve that problem.

– Sterling Douglass

Implementing restaurant technology is no small task, but without it, a restaurant can be left in the dust as consumers demand more digital interactions with their favorite merchants. While large chain restaurants have IT staff to help, smaller restaurants are often at a disadvantage in this regard. With Chowly, restaurants of all sizes can have access to the latest technology to optimize sales and operations.

Chowly has been a leader in the restaurant space since its founding, with an abundant history of first-to-market products. Today, restaurants use Chowly’s integration system to increase revenue, improve operational flow, and save on labor costs.

Chowly is built on a foundation of innovation. We were the first with third-party marketplace POS integration, the first with bi-directional POS menu sync, the first with a menu upcharge feature, and the first to support virtual restaurants POS integration.

Chowly processes over 350,000 orders daily for its
restaurant partners
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As the industry continues to evolve, we want to help restaurants keep up with these changes through implementation of  the latest technologies. When something new and helpful comes along, it shouldn’t just be the McDonalds or Chipotle’s of the world that have it. Chowly brings this to restaurants of all sizes.

Chowly is a leading restaurant technology provider bringing enterprise-level technology capabilities to restaurant owners of all sizes, allowing them to maximize their revenue so they can focus on making great food and providing an excellent customer experience.”

How Chowly Got Its Name

The word “food” is most often replaced by chow when there’s excitement surrounding the potential of getting a good meal.

Think of the times someone has said to you “Let’s get some chow!”, or “Time to chow down!”. Wanting to draw from this positive sentiment, we used  “chow” to reflect how excited we were to help restaurants provide more experiences that excited their own guests.

When asking restaurants about their problems in the early days, every time we would suggest how technology could help them, they would always have the same response… “only if we can do it simply and easily”. This request for ease of use was instantly built into our DNA and continues to be the measure of our success. 

This was the missing ingredient. This was Chowly.

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