Order Integration

Integrate Digital Ordering Platforms Directly Into Your POS System

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Receive Orders From Multiple Delivery Platforms—Without the Headache

Chowly partners with more than 150 third-party platforms and can send orders seamlessly through over 50 POS systems into your kitchen.

Increase Visibility

With more digital ordering partners, more potential customers can find you.

Eliminate Bottlenecks

Orders go directly from the digital ordering platform to your kitchen.

Leverage Chowly's Direct Integration

See how Primo Hoagies leveraged Chowly’s direct integration to achieve 58% sales growth on UberEats and 48% on DoorDash.
primohoagies hoagie and chips

Streamline and Simplify Operations

No need for dozens of ordering tablets or error-prone manual order entry. Diners can place orders on any third-party app, and the order will be sent to your POS automatically through our digital ordering integration solution. It’s that simple.

Improve Efficiencies

Use your employees to fill orders, not re-enter them.

Add Volume

Improve your efficiency so you can add third-party partners and increase order numbers.

More Apps Means Increased Visibility

Chowly’s digital ordering POS integration works with third-party apps both big and small, meaning new customers can discover you no matter where they are ordering from.

Simplify Menu Changes

Update your menu once through Chowly and push those changes to all platforms.

Make Better Decisions

Consolidate third-party data into one platform and see what’s selling where so you can make informed changes.

How Does Chowly Do It?

Chowly already has it managed for you. By taking advantage of our POS digital ordering integration,  we send every order – no matter which app it originated from – directly to your POS system and to your restaurant. It’s all in one place.

No one on your staff, or anywhere else, will need to input the orders manually. So there is no potential for human error to be a factor. Whatever the customer orders will go directly to your POS screen, and it’s what your restaurant will see.

For most restaurants, you should anticipate roughly five to seven business days to fully setup, test and configure your Chowly integration. However, some qualified restaurants are up and running on the very same day. 

If any aspect of your ordering, payments, or delivery workflow is fragmented, Chowly can help integrate these steps into a single, unified experience. For example, many restaurants now offer online ordering options that exist separately from in-store ordering. The same goes for third-party delivery services such as DooDash, Grubhub and Uber Eats. Chowly can help automate these tasks and remove the need for manual data entry. 

The dining industry is vast, complete with full-service restaurants, quick-service establishments, food trucks, concession stands, bakeries, coffee shops, pizza parlors and delivery services. Plus, some options only exist in-person, while others are strictly online. 

Fortunately, Chowly supports all of the above to provide you with a truly unified restaurant experience, regardless of how, where or when you interface with hungry customers. 

Automating How You Take Digital Orders

There are better ways for employees to use their time rather than inputting online app orders. Chowly integrates all digital orders directly into your POS system, eliminating the need for a middleman and the possibility of human error.