Restaurant Control Center

Data, Insights & More.
All in One Centralized Hub

See all your delivery integrations in a centralized hub that empowers restaurants with consolidated data, business insights, and greater control.


A Single Source of Truth for Online Orders

Chowly’s Restaurant Control Center provides access to online order data across all your locations and delivery platforms, so you can do more than just reconcile costs and commissions. This data allows you to make both real-time tactical and longer-term strategic decisions that impact your bottom line. 

See all your order data for delivery and takeout in one place

View total sales at a glance, or zoom in by location or delivery platform

Review order cancelations, average basket size by location, and more

Identify errors and roadblocks to help you improve your restaurant’s performance


Insights That Let You Optimize Your Sales Mix and Revenue

Besides real-time data on orders, sales, commissions and more, the Restaurant Control Center monitors and reports on trends in sales and customer preferences, by location and platform. With these insights and more, you can strategically adjust what you offer, to whom, and through which platform — to boost revenues and long-term growth.

Monitor sales trends using the week-over-week reports or with a customized date range

See which ordering platforms are (and are not) tracking to your revenue goals

Gain insight into which restaurants are performing the best (and those that need extra attention)

Identify and track top-selling items (and those that need to be reassessed for optimal success)


Advanced Features to Fine-Tune Your Restaurant Operations

When it comes to digital delivery and pickup orders, operators can feel at the mercy of unexpected rushes, large orders, last-minute menu changes, even delivery fees. No more. The Restaurant Control Center puts you in control of your delivery orders, so even the unexpected won’t affect the efficiency of your operations.

Pause/unpause ordering platforms to react to conditions of individual locations

Set your up-charge percentage by location or by third-party ordering platform

Update and sync your POS menu with your delivery channels on demand

How Does Chowly Do It?

The Restaurant Control Center provides stats on order totals, order success, platform uptime, error rates and much more. For example:


  • Number of stores enabled/disabled
  • Number of platforms enabled/disabled
  • Total sales by platform and location


  • Number of cancellation orders and cancellation rate
  • Average basket size per order

Yes. We make it easy to run reports that give you the data you need to keep your business growing.

None. The Restaurant Control Center is seamlessly integrated with the data that resides in your POS system, but it does not impact its operations at all.

Restaurants of all sizes can benefit from having our restaurant data management solution working for it. Whether you operate a chain of quick-service locations or a single sit-down restaurant, the insights provided through our restaurant optimization software can help you improve your operations and drive better results across all sales channels.

For one, the visual reports included on the restaurant analytics dashboard make it easier for all stakeholders to understand the data and make the most informed decisions as a result. They’ll be able to see the business’ strengths, weaknesses and opportunities in an easy-to-understand format that gives them the resources they need to guide their actions in the future. On top of all this, owners and managers save time and money because they no longer need to perform manual data pulls.

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Simplify Managing Your Restaurant with All Your Third-Party Order Data in One Place

The Restaurant Control Center presents all your third-party online ordering data clearly and simply, making it easy for you to put that data to use. Integrate Chowly today to take advantage of this powerful asset.