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Monika and Richard Penny, founders of Two Eggs!, hail from Hampton, Virginia, where they grew up as childhood friends and eventually became successful entrepreneurs. With a deep-rooted love for food and a preference for “Mom and Pop” restaurants, the Penny’s launched Two Eggs! with a mission to share their family’s dining traditions. Breakfast, a cherished gathering time for the family, inspired the concept. From setting the table to cleaning up afterward, everyone played a role, fostering a sense of togetherness. Family favorites like french toast, pancakes, and dutch babies were staples, emphasizing the belief that food made with love is unparalleled.
At Two Eggs!, customers are welcomed into a warm and inviting environment, reminiscent of Grandma’s house. Whether dining in or ordering online, the goal is to make patrons feel at home. The restaurant serves breakfast and lunch, with a special touch of 90s R&B tunes by a DJ on weekends, champagne on tap and a full bar, in the warm, inclusive atmosphere. From families to young and old patrons, their diverse clientele enjoys good food, music, and laughter, making it feel like a hip neighborhood cookout at Two Eggs!’ house.
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Having previously sworn off the restaurant industry due to its demanding nature, Richard found comfort in running his own business, enjoying the freedom of a flexible schedule. However, it was his wife’s unwavering belief and encouragement that reignited his passion for hospitality.
Despite Richard’s reservations, his wife’s determination led them to explore the possibility of opening their first location. Visiting the site together, Richard initially balked at the idea of committing to just one restaurant, insisting that they would need to open multiple locations for him to reconsider. Yet, faced with his wife’s resolve, Richard couldn’t back down. Despite initial apprehensions, they decided to commit to expanding, starting with the opening of their first location. Thus, the journey towards expansion began, and now the imminent opening of their third location is on the horizon.
Now, as developers clamor to partner with Two Eggs! and new locations are scouted, Richard reflects on the journey that brought them to this point. The challenges of scaling while maintaining authenticity persist, but with each obstacle overcome, Two Eggs’ commitment to delivering exceptional dining experiences only grows stronger.
They emphasize the importance of finding the right staff to uphold their culture and reveal their strategy of imprinting and protecting their ethos by transferring employees from existing locations to new ones. Despite the challenge of scaling while maintaining authenticity, they prioritize hands-on involvement and quality control. Their top dishes constantly battle for popularity, reflecting their commitment to quality and variety.


Two Eggs! discovered Chowly as an integration partner for their POS system, emphasizing the importance of seamless technology solutions in their delivery operations. Chowly feels like a true partner, not just a vendor.
Two Eggs! integrated Chowly with Lightspeed, their POS system and also with third-party delivery platforms, while also transitioning customers to their own online ordering platform. Their strategy included using QR codes and table tents to encourage direct ordering while maintaining delivery options.
They immediately saw high-volume results when they started with third-party platforms alongside Chowly Online Ordering. They made a concerted effort to inform customers about their delivery options through their website, utilizing QR codes and bag inserts. By using Smart Pricing, Two Eggs! is able to remain competitive, effectively managing to cover third-party fees while utilizing these platforms.
Currently, Two Eggs! has two locations using Chowly and will be opening a third location shortly. Recognizing the importance of investors who value their restaurant’s culture, Two Eggs! emphasizes passion and intuition in their expansion plans. They express readiness to seek guidance from experienced individuals, acknowledging their own limitations and highlighting the role of trust in their partnership.
In addition to their upscale restaurant concept, Two Eggs! plans to offer a variety of dishes resembling a steakhouse experience. Despite a busy schedule, they appreciate Irina’s recognition of their hard work and express excitement about future growth and collaboration.
With multiple locations on the horizon and developers actively seeking them out, Two Eggs! is poised for continued success in the restaurant business.

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