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Righteous Que, a beloved barbecue restaurant in East Cobb, Marietta, Georgia, is renowned for its mouthwatering dishes and community-centric approach. Owned and operated by Patrick Verzone, the restaurant offers classic BBQ options, including oak and cherry smoked meats, cold sweet tea, and their famous secret recipe white sauce. Since its inception in 2012, Righteous Que has been committed to perfecting its BBQ smoking techniques and using the freshest ingredients to provide an exceptional dining experience. Patrick’s dedication to quality and community service shines through their “Que for a Cause” initiative, where a portion of sales is donated to local charities each month.
Patrick’s journey began with setting up the restaurant from his house and eventually moving to a larger space due to its growth. With a presence in the Piedmont Commons Shopping Center, 12 years later, Righteous Que has become a staple in the local community, offering weekly specials, catering services, and a private dining room for special occasions.
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Despite not accepting reservations, the restaurant remains a popular spot for BBQ lovers, thanks to its delicious food and welcoming atmosphere. Patrick’s background in business, his ties to the community, and his innovative marketing approach have significantly contributed to the restaurant’s success and popularity.
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Despite having great content and food that speaks for itself, Patrick struggled with marketing strategy and felt overwhelmed trying to manage marketing efforts alongside daily operations. Like many independent operators, he found it difficult to work on the business rather than just in it. Initially, the restaurant relied on word-of-mouth and sporadic social media efforts without a structured strategy, missing growth opportunities. Patrick, focused on operations, found marketing particularly challenging, relying on a friend from his church for content creation but lacking strategic direction. These challenges highlighted the need for a more systematic approach to marketing and growth. Discussions at a summit led him to targeted digital marketing, realizing the need for a comprehensive plan. With a commitment to grow and capitalize on available resources, Patrick was ready to invest in effective marketing strategies.
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Righteous Que successfully boosted its marketing strategy and brand visibility through a strategic partnership with Chowly. This collaboration focused on the use of high-quality food content for engaging social media posts and promotional materials. Chowly took the lead on managing paid social ads on platforms like Meta and Google, and also developed a robust email newsletter campaign. Enhancements were also made to Righteous Que’s organic social media presence.
Weekly strategy calls are integral, ensuring that the marketing efforts are aligned with Patrick’s vision, facilitating necessary adjustments, and implementing targeted promotions. A dedicated landing page is also in the works to further improve Righteous Que’s online discoverability.
Patrick’s commitment to providing quality content and his active involvement have been crucial in these initiatives, leading to increased customer engagement and business growth. This strategic approach has not only resolved Righteous Que’s initial marketing challenges but also sets the foundation for continued sustainable growth, allowing Patrick to focus on delivering high-quality food and service.


The impact of adopting Chowly's Off Premise Platform is already apparent. Here are some key performance metrics:


Increase in Margins Since Beginning of Year


Monthly Growth in Sales Since Implementing Marketing Strategy


Total sales in January 2024


Total sales in February 2024 - after implementing Chowly Digital Marketing


Growth in Monthly Transactions from Previous Year in February


Expected ROI on Marketing Investment

> 40%

Email Open Rate

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