Chowly + Rustic House Oyster Bar & Grill Success Story



Rustic House Oyster Bar & Grill, owned by Dave and Andrea Parks, is a family-owned restaurant known for its inviting ambiance and made from scratch food. Set in a building dating back to the 1960s, the restaurant offers a unique vibe that attracts people seeking a memorable dining experience.
Chowly Web Photo Sizes - Blog Designs
Chowly Web Photo Sizes - Blog Designs
Chowly Web Photo Sizes - Blog Designs


Before adopting Chowly Online Ordering, Rustic House faced operational challenges with managing multiple iPads for online orders and dealing with a complex POS system. The integration partner, Checkmate, presented difficulties in streamlining POS systems, leading to inefficiencies and frustration for the management team. Additionally, there were instances where items available only at the restaurant were mistakenly listed on the online menu.


In response to these challenges, Rustic House decided to upgrade its online ordering system to Chowly Online Ordering. Chowly’s comprehensive solution streamlined the order management process, eliminated the need for multiple iPads, provided responsive account management support, and ensured that only items available for online ordering were displayed on the menu. This transition empowered Rustic House to enhance operational efficiency and improve the overall dining experience for its customers.


With Chowly Smart Pricing, Rustic House has boosted their Online Ordering Profitability even further.
By leveraging advanced pricing strategies tailored to their business needs, they’ve unlocked new levels of success in the competitive online ordering landscape. With increased revenue and improved efficiency, Rustic House Oyster Bar & Grill is poised to thrive in today’s digital dining environment.

Increase in online
ordering sales


Increase in Average Basket Size with Smart Pricing


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