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Direct Order with Google helped Taco Nazo increase sales by $73k

Within the first three months of adding Google’s direct order online option, Taco Nazo's three locations gained $73,000 in additional revenue and saved over $12,000 in third-party fees. This equated to roughly 1,900 more online orders at an average basket size of $40.

There’s Third-Party Ordering. Then There’s Ordering with Google.

Google has partnered with Chowly to bring a direct ordering solution right from your restaurants’ Google page. And with lower fees than most third-parties, that means more money in your pocket.

It’s simple. Chowly can launch you on Direct Order with Google in one business day.

of Consumers
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spend at least $50 per online restaurant order. Google ordering’s lower commission rate means more money in your pocket, according to a survey by Statisa.

of Diners
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who place online orders, according to the National Restaurant Association, will visit that restaurant in person more frequently.

Why Google Direct Order?

Google Direct Order does more than have you up and running in the same day. Here’s what you get:

Automatic Menu Syncing

Connect your POS menu to your food order Google menu, so any changes made in your POS system automatically update on your Google page.

Simple Ordering Process

Enable guests to order online directly from your restaurant’s Google page. The entire transaction is completed without your guest leaving Google’s interface.

How Does Chowly Do It?

Google Direct Order is a powerful feature that allows customers to order dishes from your restaurant directly from Google Maps, Google Assistant and location-based search results. Whenever hungry users search for nearby restaurants, your listing is front and center, complete with integrated ordering options.

  • First we connect your restaurant’s POS system with your food Google order page. 
  • Consumers can then search for your restaurant, place an order, and pay all without leaving the Google food delivery interface.
  • Their food order is automatically integrated into your restaurant’s POS system.
  • Any menu changes made in your POS system will automatically update your Google menu.

Not with Chowly’s Google Direct Order. We can have you rolling on Google Direct Order the same day.

Google ordering has the lowest commissions in the field, and allows your restaurant to be open for business on the world’s most powerful search platform. Even if you’re visible on numerous third-party ordering apps, you could be missing out on potential business. With Chowly’s Google Direct Order, your restaurant will show each time someone searches “food near me.”

Connecting with Google ordering via Chowly’s Google Direct Order is exceptional when it comes to delivering customer data. You will have a treasure trove of information you can use going forward, and our Restaurant Control Center will help you put it to the best possible use.

With their low processing fees, Google Direct Order is significantly cheaper than most third-party delivery and ordering platforms. This allows you to keep more of every incoming sale. Better still, this powerful option can also help you expand your reach and connect with a much larger user base. The end result is more sales and deliveries without a corresponding boost in expenses.

In addition to generating more sales, Google Direct Order also provides your growing restaurant with valuable customer information, including contact details, payment data and delivery addresses. In fact, all orders come directly to you, with Google (and Chowly) merely facilitating each transaction.

Your customers can pay for their orders using whatever saved credit or debit cards they’ve linked to their Google Pay accounts. First-time users can add their payment details to Google Pay when placing new orders. They can save this payment information for all future purchases within the Google ecosystem (including at your restaurant).

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