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PrimoHoagies, voted best sandwich shop in America, is a renowned sandwich franchise with 100+ locations known for its commitment to quality ingredients and fresh, flavorful sandwiches. Founded in 1992, PrimoHoagies has emerged as a cherished destination for sandwich aficionados seeking premium quality and unparalleled flavor. With a passion for crafting the perfect hoagie, PrimoHoagies set out to create a sandwich shop unlike any other.
PrimoHoagies, led by dedicated individuals like Marc Mollo, Director of Operations, has established itself as a premier sandwich franchise since its inception. Marc’s journey with PrimoHoagies began in 2015 when he started at the grassroots level, working in the warehouse and gradually advancing to roles of increasing responsibility. His dedication and passion for the brand have been instrumental in shaping PrimoHoagies into the success it is today
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PrimoHoagies encountered the dual challenge of seamlessly integrating a new point-of-sale (POS) system and optimizing third-party delivery integrations. Transitioning to the new POS system demanded meticulous planning, extensive training, and ongoing support. Integrating with third-party delivery platforms required negotiation, cost analysis, and operational adjustments. Amidst evolving technological trends, PrimoHoagies prioritized reliability, flexibility, and customer-centricity, ultimately selecting Chowly for its robust integration capabilities and exceptional service.


To address these challenges, PrimoHoagies partnered with Chowly, a leading POS and delivery integration platform. Leveraging Chowly’s expertise, PrimoHoagies seamlessly integrated the Revel POS system into their operations. This transition was facilitated with meticulous planning, extensive training, and ongoing support from Chowly’s team. By adopting Revel POS, PrimoHoagies boosted operational efficiency, streamlined transactions, and gained access to robust reporting and analytics tools.
Chowly assisted PrimoHoagies in optimizing their third-party delivery integrations. By connecting Revel POS with popular delivery platforms like DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats, PrimoHoagies expanded their reach to a broader customer base. Chowly’s integration solutions ensured that orders from these platforms were seamlessly integrated into PrimoHoagies’ POS system, minimizing manual entry errors and reducing processing time. This optimization not only maximized sales opportunities but also improved order accuracy and customer satisfaction.

Growth in Sales on UberEats


Growth in Orders on UberEats Between Last Year and Now


Growth in Sales on DoorDash


Growth in Orders on DoorDash Between Last Year and Now

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