Chowly & SpotOn Partnership: Transforming Restaurant Operations

The Chowly SpotOn partnership transforms the restaurant industry with hassle-free integration of online orders into the POS system. This empowers owners and staff to prioritize exceptional dining experiences for in-house and off-premise customers.

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All-In-One Digital Ordering Platform

All In One Digital Ordering Platform - Graphic

Key Integration Features


Menu Mastery Hub

SpotOn becomes the single “source of truth” for all third-party, online, and mobile app menus using one menu in SpotOn.

Cost-Effective Operations

Eliminate manual entry, cut labor costs, and reduce errors, especially during peak times, for enhanced efficiency.

Precision in the Kitchen

Automatically print orders with modifiers and notes to kitchen printers and KDS screens, championing error reduction and enhancing communication.

Delivery Expansion

Maximize revenue by taking on more restaurant aggregators and increasing delivery options for customers.


Harmonized Reporting

Effortlessly track all your orders in SpotOn without logging into multiple platforms. Chowly tickets will close out with individual tender types, so you digital revenue reporting is broken out by platform in your SpotOn reporting.

Smart Pricing

Chowly uses dynamic pricing, utilizing machine learning in peak times to increase revenue and average basket size while efficiently handling order volume.