Menu Management With Updates in a Flash

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POS Menu Sync

Update Menus And Pricing Across Online Platforms In Real Time

Manage all third-party menus directly from your POS with our menu management software. Changes automatically update platforms across your locations, regions, and brands, at the same time.


Customize platform pricing - Help offset commission costs by adjusting your pricing per third-party platform.

Manage multiple menus - Offer specific menus for each daypart; breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner.

Simplify menu updates - Add, delete, and edit the availability of menu items (86 items and modifiers).

With POS Menu Sync for third-party menu management, when you update your menu items and/or prices in your POS system, the changes automatically sync with all your online ordering platforms—such as DoorDash, GrubHub, Uber Eats, and Google—in real-time.

The Power of One

Sync menu changes across all locations and brands at the same time.

Real-Time Updates

Up-to-the moment menu item and pricing updates.

Up to Speed

Within minutes of updating your menu, everyone using an online ordering app will see the updated menu. No outdated orders. 

All In Sync

Every app is on board, including DoorDash, Grubhub, Uber Eats and Google.

Accurate Orders

Online orders reflect menu updates instantly.

How Does Chowly Do It?

Yes, full control.  No more relying on separate platforms to make changes to your menus and pricing. Your POS menu will become a one-stop shop for all menu management.

POS Menu Sync will simplify menu changes, saving you hours of time previously spent going through each one of your menus and making changes individually on each ordering platform. Now all updates across all menus and locations can be made in one place. For example, offering daily or weekly specials becomes much easier with our menu management system for restaurants. You can streamline the process with having to rely on manual entry to make updates across all apps.

POS Menu Sync offers fast setup and guaranteed accuracy. Menus will be regularly synced, ensuring 100% accuracy when it comes to linking items and modifications to your POS system.

With so any delivery platforms available for your customers to choose from, a strong menu management system makes keeping your menus up to date easier for you. Our restaurant menu management software enables you to automatically update your digital menus so you don’t have to worry about manually changing your offerings. Even better – our system ensures consistency and helps your operations remain efficient because you can do it all through your POS.

Menu Updates Everywhere
in a Flash

Chowly syncs all menu updates to every online ordering app on which you’re visible. Your menu updates instantly on every platform. It’s the most powerful menu design software.