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Streamlining Restaurant Operations for Increased Profitability

Chowly integrates delivery platforms into Revel POS, streamlining operations and letting restaurants focus on what they do best: providing excellent food and service.
* Available for Growth and Premium Packages.
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Key Benefits

Elevated Online Ordering Experience
The integration with Revel POS syncs delivery orders automatically, reducing manual data entry and enhancing order accuracy.
Dynamic Pricing
Chowly’s Smart Pricing adapts menu prices based on peak times, weather, holidays, and local demand dynamics.
Swift and Real-time Updates
From menu changes to item availability, any edits made on Revel reflect twice daily on Chowly’s platform, ensuring all delivery platforms have accurate and up-to-date menu information.
Focus on SMB
With minimal hardware requirements, it’s an easy solution ensuring SMB operators can get started right away.
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Why Chowly with Revel Systems?