How to optimize tech stack at your restaurant: Insights from Industry Expert Alistair Levine


In the fast-moving world of restaurant technology, it’s super important to stay on top of things to succeed. We talked to Alistair Levine, partner and head of Business Development for KitchenSync, who’s been in the business for a while and knows a lot about how single and multi-concept restaurants use technology. In this blog post, we’ll share some valuable insights from our chat with Alistair ranging from challenges and opportunities in restaurant tech and why it’s crucial for everyone (and everything) to work together, to how things are always changing in this business.

Unveiling Complexity

The restaurant industry has a number of challenges. Different tools do similar things, but they don’t work together well. Alistair says it’s a problem because operators end up with too many tools in their tech toolbox. Also, there are many providers who offer only parts of what’s needed instead of a complete solution. It’s like having a lot of tools, but none that fit together perfectly.
restaurant tech unveiling complexity

Need for Simplification

Alistair knows a lot about restaurant tech, and he thinks it needs to be simpler. Operators often find it hard to pick the right tools because they don’t know what questions to ask. According to Alistair, this complexity happens because everyone in the industry is worried about how different tools work together. Also, many providers just offer small parts instead of complete solutions. It’s like trying to build something with lots of tiny pieces that don’t fit well together.
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Learning from Experience

Alistair talks from personal experience about how tough it can be to pick the right tech. He says it’s super important to ask detailed questions about what a system can do, like if it can share data or work with other apps. This is key to making sure the tech you choose fits well with your business goals. According to Alistair, many business owners struggle because they’re not tech experts, and they don’t know what questions to ask when checking out new technology.

Industry Reputation

Alistair mentions that restaurant tech companies sometimes don’t live up to what they promise. This unreliability can be frustrating and slow down progress in the industry. Alistair thinks that the key to fixing this is for tech companies and restaurant owners to work together better and share more information. That way, they can tackle these challenges as a team.

The Path Forward

Alistair points out that in the restaurant tech industry, it’s crucial for everyone—operators, tech providers, and industry professionals—to work together and be open to change. By joining forces, they can solve important issues and make things better. Alistair thinks there’s a chance to learn from how people collaborated during the pandemic and wants to keep that spirit going to handle the changing challenges in the future.
Honing your restaurant’s tech stack now will pay off in the future as the industry will inevitably continue to change at a rapid pace. Staying on top is crucial to avoid falling behind and creating more inefficiencies for yourself.
When selecting a tech solution, asking the right questions is key. Here are the top 3:
  1. How easily does your technology integrate with my existing systems?
  2. How does your solution scale with my restaurant’s growth and adapt to my restaurant’s changing needs?
  3. What aspects of restaurant operations does your product cover?
Opting for an Off Premise Platform in your tech stack will not only make your life and operations easier but also boost profits.
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Alistair shares valuable insights into the challenges faced by operators and technology providers in the evolving restaurant tech landscape. By simplifying the industry, encouraging collaboration, and learning from experiences, Alistair envisions a path for lasting business success. Stay tuned for more insights from experts in restaurant technology.

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