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Introducing MenuMatch™, the simple way to update and optimize your menus

“How do your customers like to order?” This – a question that would have raised quite a few eyebrows 10 years ago – is now a key consideration for restaurant operators who are establishing and expanding their restaurant’s digital presence. Online ordering channels such as third-party marketplaces, branded native websites, catering interfaces, and search engines each present opportunities to satisfy increasingly diverse guests and their ordering and dining preferences.

Although online ordering makes possible a whole new level of guest freedom, restaurants are left with little freedom when it comes to managing their digital menus on each ordering platform. Managing menus on each platform requires a great deal of time and manual data entry; and even when operators take the time, they are very limited in the control they have over their own menus, especially when faced with multiple locations, brands, and platforms. Without menu design software tools to efficiently manage the upkeep of individual menus, operators are left with an unorganized mess and an inefficient digital storefront, ultimately leading to a loss of potential revenue.

At Chowly, we see this as a big problem. We’ve found that the average restaurant makes menu updates at least once per month. With over 50% of restaurants managing 6 or more menus, that’s a lot of time spent manually entering in changes that could be spent on other areas of your business. That’s why we’ve stayed true to our mission of simplifying technology for restaurants.  

Introducing Chowly’s MenuMatch Technology, a restaurant menu design software for easily managing all of your digital menus in one place. With MenuMatch, operators only need to make each update once, and the update is automatically sent in its optimized format to each of your third-party platforms. Additionally, restaurants that are POS Sync™-ready can make these changes directly in their point-of-sale system.

Chowly’s MenuMatch restaurant menu design software provides:

  • Menu Consistency – Synchronize your menus across all of your locations, regions, and brands to ensure order accuracy.
  • Operational Efficiency – Save time by only having to make each update once.
  • Superior Data – Gain accurate reporting for each platform in your POS system
  • Menu Control – Optimize your menus for each platform, whether for catering or third-party marketplace apps.

We strive for restaurants to have diversity in their menus, each optimized for their respective channel, yet controlled in one central location. It’s not about having one menu. It’s about having the right menu in the right place at the right time. And our MenuMatch technology makes that possible.

Try Chowly’s MenuMatch Technology today and optimize your consumer-facing menu, putting your best foot – or menu – forward.

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