5 Reasons to Leverage Google Ordering

Most of us turn to Google as our one-stop-shop for immediate results and information as we move through daily life. It’s no surprise that food related searches are among the most popular. Both ‘food near me’ and ‘restaurants near me’ are actually one of the most googled phrases of all time. People’s interest in food isn’t going anywhere. Now restaurants have the ability to connect directly to consumers the moment they explore their hunger pangs.

The delivery trend has saturated the market with online ordering options. Restaurant delivery solutions often focus on third-party marketplaces (like DoorDash or Grubhub). But what about a solution that’s at the forefront of a consumer search – a place where customers already are? That’s where Google comes in.

Before any additional resources are put into your delivery strategy, it’s important to determine the best all-around solution for you. Using the tips below, you can determine why it’s important to leverage Google Ordering to advance your delivery business and increase your off-premise revenue.

Avoid extremely high commission rates from third parties

Most restaurants have third parties parked on their Google listing, taking their direct traffic and charging them 15-30%. Why pay high fees when we offer a seamless and convenient solution for 5% that drives more new customers to your business?

They are your customers, and it’s your data

80% of restaurant searches on Google are people looking for a new food experience. Acquire these customers! Potential customers in your area are looking to compare ratings, reviews, photos, and menus to pick their next meal. To best compete, make it easy for them to order by presenting your menu.

You’ll be leveraging a direct way to order which keeps your customers on Google instead of directing them to third-party platforms where there are many other restaurant choices. Additionally, you will keep your customer data! So, leverage your menu, your customers, your data, and your profits!

Reach customers where they already are

We touched on this in the previous point, but it’s important enough to re-emphasize. People are already searching for restaurants on Google. Therefore, it’s a no-brainer to give customers the easy option to order without leaving Google.

Pickup and delivery options on a restaurant’s Google page often link to other third-party apps. As a result of this redirection, order conversion is reduced. Also, customers are more likely to place orders if they can use their saved Google accounts and Gpay information without leaving the page.

Note: People eat with their eyes, so make sure you have great food photos on your Google listing to put your best foot forward.

Turn new customers into loyal customers

Most customers ordering from Google are new to the restaurant. Turn them into loyal customers by pointing them to your preferred channels for their next order.

Chowly can help you customize your prices on each platform, including Google, to protect your profit margins

Take advantage of flat rate delivery

We are partnered with Delivery Aggregators to give you access to most driver networks, including Doordash, Ubereats, Lyft, Relay, and regional players. The best part? There’s no commission fees! The customer pays the flat fee and you have no additional delivery costs.

Chowly uses POS sync technology to automatically update your Google menu with the menu in your POS system, so there are no hassles for you.

Leveraging Google Direct Order with Chowly has many benefits, but most importantly we’re simplifying the process, making it easier for customers to place orders and for you to increase your restaurants off-premise revenue. All you have to do is contact us to sign up and we’ll take it from there.

Google’s partnership with Chowly brings an ordering solution directly from a restaurants’ Google search page. With Direct Order, consumers can search for a restaurant, place an order, and pay, all without leaving Google’s interface via Google search, Google assistant, and Google pay.

Menu management is easy with Google Direct Order. The integration uses POS sync technology to connect the menu in a restaurants’ POS system to the menu on their Google page. Any changes made in your POS system automatically update on your Google page.

Direct Order also contains a lower fulfillment cost with a commission of 5%, while third-party commission fees tend to range between 20-30%.

There are 8.6 billion ‘Food Near Me’ searches each month that restaurants can turn into sales, all while paying lower commission and providing an easier solution. For comparison, the next food delivery related search was ‘Dominoes’ at 256 Million. To take advantage of Direct Order, or to learn more, visit get.chowlyinc.com/google-ordering

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