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Golden Krust Caribbean Restaurant has been a beloved destination for those craving the flavors of the islands. Established in 1989 by Lowell Hawthorne, along with his wife Lorna and their extended family, Golden Krust has been committed to delivering authentic Jamaican cuisine to its patrons. From savory beef patties to spicy jerk chicken, each dish is prepared from scratch with fresh ingredients daily. With over 125 locations spread across Connecticut, New York, New Jersey, and Florida, Golden Krust has become synonymous with quality Caribbean fare, serving as a culinary oasis for enthusiasts seeking a taste of Jamaica in the heart of America.
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Golden Krust Caribbean Restaurant
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Golden Krust encountered several challenges that hindered their ability to efficiently manage their restaurant chain. One significant obstacle was the manual management of menus across their multiple locations. With diverse menus and pricing structures, manually adjusting prices and managing menu availability on various platforms proved to be a time-consuming and error-prone task.
Additionally, Golden Krust struggled with the lack of an integrated platform that could consolidate data from different sources seamlessly. This fragmented their insights and made operations inefficient.
Another challenge stemmed from the dependency on third-party delivery tablets by their staff. Despite the convenience, this reliance often led to confusion and errors in order management.


Upon integrating Chowly into their workflow, Golden Krust experienced a significant shift in their operational efficiency. They successfully reduced erroneous errors by almost 15%. Chowly’s Restaurant Control Center seamlessly consolidated data from various sources into a centralized system, empowering Golden Krust to streamline their operations and gain valuable insights into their performance across all locations. With Smart Pricing and enhanced menu management, Golden Krust has achieved healthier revenue streams, positioning them for sustained growth and success.
Chowly Smart Pricing proved instrumental in optimizing their pricing strategy for third-party delivery services, ensuring compliance with local regulations while maximizing revenue and maintaining competitive pricing. Chowly and Golden Krust are continuing to collaborate to refine Chowly offerings and make life easier for independent operators.

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