Women in Food 2024: Growing a Successful Personal and Restaurant Brand


At a recent roundtable discussion, we had the privilege of hearing from some of the most influential women in food today. Their insights shed light on the challenges they’ve faced, the lessons they’ve learned, and the paths they’ve paved towards success.
Lessons in building a personal and restaurant brand


  • Carin Stutz, Board Director at Kura Sushi, Hawaiian Bros
  • Chrissy Ouellette, VP of Sales at Lunchbox
  • Amy Hom, Industry Leader at Bluestone Lane, Sweetgreen
  • Anna Tauzin, Head of Marketing at Big Chicken
  • Kim Decarolis, SVP, Strategic Growth at Craveworthy Brands

Impostor Syndrome and the Importance of Mentors

One recurring theme among the panelists was the prevalence of impostor syndrome, especially acute for women in leadership roles. Despite their accomplishments, many expressed feeling undeserving of their positions or fearing being exposed as frauds. However, they emphasized the importance of mentors in overcoming these feelings. Having someone to guide, advise, and advocate for them has been instrumental in building their confidence and navigating challenges.
Benefits of mentorship list

Building Networks and Knowing Your Worth

Another key takeaway was the significance of building networks and knowing one’s worth. These women emphasized the power of connections, both within and outside their organizations, in opening doors and creating opportunities. They encouraged others to advocate for themselves, negotiate for what they deserve, and not be afraid to take up space in male-dominated industries.
Building networks quote visual

Embracing Mistakes as Lessons of Growth

Rather than fearing failure, these women embraced mistakes as opportunities for growth. They shared stories of setbacks and how they turned them into stepping stones towards success. By reframing failures as valuable learning experiences, they were able to innovate, adapt, and ultimately thrive in their careers.

Giving Back and Being Authentic

As they’ve progressed in their careers, these women have made it a priority to give back and uplift others. They emphasized the importance of authenticity, encouraging others to share both their successes and struggles. By being transparent about their journeys, they hope to inspire and empower the next generation of women in food.
Giving Back and being authentic


The insights shared by these remarkable women underscore the importance of representation, mentorship, and resilience in the food industry. As we continue to champion diversity and inclusivity, let’s learn from their experiences and work towards a future where every woman feels empowered to grow and succeed in the world of food.

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