How To Partner With A Food Delivery App

The excitement of having chicken fingers at your fingertips with only a few clicks is hard to beat. Which is why we don’t need to elaborate too much on the ever-increasing popularity of online food ordering systems for ‌all restaurants.

What we will elaborate on is exactly how you to partner with a food delivery app. Let’s get started!

Tips For How To Partner With a Food Delivery App

Choose the Third-Party Platforms that Work for Your Needs

GrubHub isn’t a solution for all of a restaurant’s online food ordering system needs, and UberEats may not be the top solution in every city for every restaurant. Before jumping on the bandwagon of any third-party delivery app, we suggest you do some research to figure out which ones can best serve your restaurant’s specific needs.

There are some common questions to keep in mind. Are the fees of a particular third-party delivery service worth it? Is this a popular third-party platform for my area and restaurant type? Does it match up with our expectations and consumer demands? How well does their app function? Do they have good customer service ratings? All these and more are questions you should ask before jumping into a contract with any delivery app.

Research Your Market

Take into consideration your type of restaurant, as well as its geographical location. These are very important factors when building a partnership with a delivery app. Some regions or cities see increased order volume with GrubHub versus DoorDash. Some restaurants see more success by becoming an UberEats partner. Vet your options and see what has worked in your city for your type of restaurant.

Consider a Third-Party Integration Partner

The two most challenging parts of putting together an online food ordering system for your restaurant is 1) figuring out how to bridge the gap between customers placing their orders on delivery apps and the entry into your restaurant’s point-of-sale system, and 2) how to manage all of your online marketplace menus in different places. Without a tech partner, restaurants often need to hire an extra person to handle menu management and online orders that come through via third-party apps and direct channels as part of your online food ordering system.

Luckily, there are companies that want to boost sales for your restaurant by streamlining the third-party process and providing an integration for delivery apps. This makes it possible for restaurants of all sizes to have the key that bridges the gap between delivery apps and the restaurant’s point-of-sale system.

About Chowly

Chowly is a leading point-of-sale (POS) integration company that enables restaurants to expand and maintain a diverse set of off-premise capabilities. Chowly seamlessly integrates online ordering solutions from all points of origin—such as Third-Party Marketplaces; which include Grubhub, Uber Eats, and DoorDash, Third-Party Menu Management using POS sync technology, and Direct Order with Google; an integration of orders placed on Google search, Google assistant, or Google pay—directly into a restaurant’s POS system. Additionally, Chowly provides all the tools necessary to launch a successful Virtual Restaurant using existing kitchen space. Chowly continues to develop efficient solutions for the ever-changing challenges that restaurants face, solidifying the company’s mission to simplify technology for their 12,000+ restaurant partners. Contact us at Chowly today to learn more about implementing an online food ordering system for your restaurant.

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