Highlights from Chowly at the National Restaurant Association Show 2024


This year’s National Restaurant Association Show was not just an event for us at Chowly; it was a celebration of camaraderie, innovation, and shared insights in the bustling world of restaurant technology. Our days at the booth were filled with the energy of engaging discussions, reuniting with peers, and forging and strengthening partnerships.

Real Connections in the Digital World

One of the unique things about the National Restaurant Association Show is that they don’t require tech companies to sponsor to attend. Anyone can come. This makes it the most inclusive event of the year. It allows for companies of all sizes to participate in the conversation.
Throughout the show, our team had the privilege of meeting face-to-face with customers, thought leaders, and partners eager to learn about our solutions. We got to do sit-down talks with some of the brightest people in the space. Big operators, independent operators, up-and-comers, tech leaders, customers, prospects.
Chowly attended special partner events during the show with Square and Toast to strengthen our industry relationships and partnerships. These gatherings allowed us to deepen connections, discuss integrations, and collaborate on innovative solutions, reinforcing our commitment to mutual growth in the restaurant tech sector.
There’s something irreplaceable about meeting in person—each handshake and shared story deepens connections that virtual meetings simply cannot replicate.
NRA chowly team

Chowly Booth: The Hub of Activity

Our booth served as a vibrant hub for demonstrations and discussions. Each day, from the early hours till the doors closed, our team was energized by the interactions. We showcased how Chowly Off Premise Platform powers things like digital ordering, marketing, and integration for over 17,000 restaurants in the US.
A lot of the conversations we had were about how to think about the tech stack for restaurants. An interesting trend we’ve noticed, especially over the last 12 to 18 months, is significant consolidation. Restaurants often have to manage 30 to 50 different technology providers just to operate effectively.
As a result, we’ve seen a shift toward more bundled solutions. Restaurants are looking for fewer vendors to manage, aiming to simplify their operations. This has prompted restaurant tech companies to start acquiring other tech firms, allowing them to offer more holistic experiences to restaurants with just one invoice and one place to call for support.

A Taste of Chowly’s Hospitality

Beyond the bustling show floor, we took our hospitality a step further with a white-glove private dinner that brought together customers, thought leaders and teammates. Visited with Chowly customers – Phil Siddu at ​​Nora Kitchen & Bar and Matt Mongoven of Smokin Oak Wood-Fired Pizza & Taproom.
These intimate gatherings are essential for understanding the needs and expectations of those we serve, ensuring that our innovations are not only tech-forward but also genuinely useful.

In the Media

Chowly’s iconic cardboard cutout sign of our founder Sterling Douglass holding a sign saying “Wendy’s is woke, dynamic pricing is the future. Let’s debate,” made headlines and earned a spot in Restaurant Business Online discussing the nuanced application of dynamic pricing in the restaurant industry.
“Let’s not beat around the bush,” said Sterling Douglass, CEO of tech supplier Chowly, which offers a dynamic pricing tool. “Restaurants should be able to increase prices too.”
He pointed out that operators can use dynamic pricing as a scalpel rather than a club. For instance, they could adjust prices only on third-party delivery apps, giving customers an incentive to order directly. Over 1,000 restaurants are using Chowly’s dynamic pricing tool to do just that.
It offered a fun and memorable backdrop for visitors. Chowly wasn’t just another booth but a topic of conversation in the industry as well.
NRA ceo sterling douglass chowly
NRA sterling douglass on air

Top 3 Takeaways

Based on insights from the National Restaurant Association Show, as highlighted by Restaurant Business Online, here are the top three takeaways for Chowly:
1. Tech is the Hottest Thing Since Free Samples
Technology took center stage at the Show, highlighting its growing importance in the restaurant industry. The Tech Pavilion was buzzing with activity, showcasing innovative software and hardware that drew massive crowds. It’s clear that restaurants are increasingly hungry for tech solutions to streamline their operations.
2. A Tech Community is Forming
There’s a notable push towards creating a more connected tech community among vendors and restaurants. Podcasts recorded on the show floor and initiatives like SpotOn’s online meetups and Toast’s community forum are fostering valuable connections and knowledge sharing among industry professionals.
3. Restaurants are a Data Business
Data is becoming a critical asset for restaurants. With real-time performance dashboards and detailed sales insights, restaurants are evolving into data-driven operations. This shift is essential for navigating the rapidly changing landscape and optimizing every aspect of restaurant management.

Relive the Experience

Missed out on the fun or want to relive the moments? Check out our recap video of the show here and see for yourself the dynamic presence of Chowly at the National Restaurant Association Show 2024.
NRA team chowly

Wrap Up

From early morning setups to the closing hours of each day, our journey through our eighth annual National Restaurant Association Show 2024 was nothing short of exciting.
As we reflect on the success and insights gained, we’re already looking forward to what the next year will bring. Thank you to everyone who stopped by, shared their story, and contributed to our continuous journey of growth and innovation. See you next year!

Stay tuned to our blog for more updates and insights from Chowly, as we continue to evolve and assist the restaurant industry in navigating the world of digital dining.

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