How Chowly Food Tech Software Works

Our Expertise in POS Integration is Just the Beginning

We created Chowly to solve a very real problem: manual order entry from third-party platforms was holding restaurants back. By integrating digital ordering platforms and menu management directly with a wide range of POS systems, we digitize and streamline the ordering process, eliminating the need for manual order entry.

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Update Your Digital Menus In Real Time

Our bi-directional POS integration syncs the menu in your POS with your third-party marketplace menus to ensure all your digital menus are updated in real-time.

With no separate menu build required for each digital ordering platform, you can update your offerings and prices at any time, all from your POS.

Seamlessly Integrate Digital Orders

When a guest places an order on practically any digital ordering platform, the order is confirmed automatically and immediately and directly sent into your restaurant’s POS system.

This prevents orders from being accidentally missed, saves you time from manually copying them into your POS system, and eliminates the mistakes naturally caused by human error.


Kitchen Fulfills Orders Faster

Because orders are input directly and automatically into your POS, the kitchen receives them more quickly and can start prepping the food right away.

This reduces the time it takes to get the order out the door and into hands of hungry customers.





Take Your Restaurant Ops One BIG Step Further

Seamless POS integration, faster order fulfillment and real-time menu synchronization are just the beginning.

Chowly’s Restaurant Control Center lets you constantly adjust and optimize your digital order operations based on the current needs of each location. Restaurant Control Center is a centralized hub that shares consolidated data across all your digital platforms, provides business insights to optimize your off-premise operations, and gives greater control over your delivery orders.

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