The Data-Driven Restaurant of Tomorrow, Today

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A Single Source of Truth for Online Orders

Gain valuable insights across your locations and delivery platforms to make strategic decisions that have a tangible impact on your bottom line and further growth. In addition to reconciling costs and commissions, our Restaurant Control Center—with insights like average order size and total sales by platform and location—lets you improve your operation.

Optimize Your Operations

Use data to identify potential efficiencies.

Pinpoint Order Issues

Deliver a better customer experience by improving order accuracy.

Total visibility

All the information in one place.

Consolidated Reporting

Data to help you understand your online ordering delivery business.

Make Smarter Business Decisions With Data Insights

Collect and analyze third-party delivery data to help grow your off-premise revenue.

  • Receive detailed reporting on which third-party marketplaces are meeting your goals, so you can make informed decisions that boost growth.
  • See all third-party platform data across restaurant locations and brands, all in one place.
  • Identify errors and roadblocks so you can improve your restaurant’s performance.

How Does Chowly Do It?

The Restaurant Control Center provides stats on order totals, order success, platform uptime, error rates and much more. For example:


  • Number of stores enabled/disabled
  • Number of platforms enabled/disabled
  • Total sales by platform and location


  • Number of cancellation orders and cancellation rate
  • Average basket size per order

Yes. We make it easy to run reports that give you the data you need to keep your business growing.

None. The Restaurant Control Center is seamlessly integrated with the data that resides in your POS system, but it does not impact its operations at all.

Simplify Managing Your Restaurant with All Your Third-Party Order Data in One Place

The Restaurant Control Center presents all your third-party online ordering data clearly and simply, making it easy for you to put that data to use. Integrate Chowly today to take advantage of this powerful asset.