Dickey’s Barbecue Pit Boosts Delivery Volume 130% with Chowly in just 3 months.

At a Glance

450 locatons launched in 90 days
130 % average sales growth from February to May
20 % decrease in cancellation rates


When it comes to authentic, slow-smoked barbecue, Dickey’s knows it best. Afterall, they’ve been pit-smoking Texas barbecue since opening their first location in 1941. The famous BBQ joint also knows best when it comes to empowering their franchisees with the tools they need to run a technology centric restaurant operaton. To meet and exceed franchisees’ expectations and remain forward-thinking with their technology, Dickey’s partnered with Chowly to optimize their off-premise operations.

The Challenges

1. No technology partner to seamlessly integrate third-party orders into Dickey’s proprietary POS system.

2. Burden of tablet overload and manually entering third-party marketplace orders.

The Situation

Over the past decade, Dickey’s roadmap has been heavily focused on improving their tech stack to achieve parity across all of its locations. One milestone on this roadmap was building their own proprietary POS system. While that has many benefits such as universalizing operating procedures for all Dickey’s locations, it also makes it inherently more challenging to plug into and manage third-party marketplaces, like DoorDash, Grubhub, and Uber Eats.

Without the convenience of a POS integration partner or an API connection to their proprietary system, operators and their staff defaulted to manually managing all third-party marketplace orders. Many franchisees were feeling the heat of tablet overload with some locations burdened with as many as ten tablets.

The Solution

Dickey’s leveraged Chowly’s SDK to enable franchise locations to seamlessly integrate online orders into their existing POS systems. Chowly provided its published APIs to Dickey’s in-house development team so they could build to the service layer of their proprietary POS system. The SDK provides a fully-integrated solution for all third-party orders from DoorDash, Uber Eats, Grubhub and Postmates. In the wake of the pandemic, both partners knew timing was crucial, especially when a key source of revenue for restaurants was through off-premise channels. The Chowly and Dickey’s implementation teams were able to get the SDK up and running at more than 450 locations in under 90 days. Now, Dickey’s operators can say goodbye to tablet overload and manual order entry. To further strengthen their digital presence and improve the customer experience, Dickey’s is leveraging Chowly’s POS Sync™ technology, an SDK feature that makes third-party menu changes a breeze. With POS Sync, menu updates – such as price changes, new menu items, and specials – can be published to all third-party marketplace platforms with one request made directly in the point-of-sale.

With a seamless POS integration solution in place to manage third-party marketplace orders and a consolidated dashboard for third-party reporting, Dickey’s was able to enhance their technology infrastructure and provide operational support to franchise locations everywhere.

134 % average sales growth across all Dickey’s location.
20 % decrease in cancellation rates, across most Dickey’s locations.

The Results

After implementing Chowly’s integration technology, average sales across all Dickey’s locations increased to 133.8%. One Dickey’s franchise owner even had an off-premise sales growth of over 400%! Chowly partners often see higher than average sales volumes after implementation, which is due to the increased online time and fewer cancelled orders. Across most Dickey’s locations, order cancellation rates decrease an average of 19.5%. Cancellation rates occur when an order is not confirmed quick enough or when a customer cancels due to extenuating circumstances. Chowly automates this process so orders are never missed or entered incorrectly.