Simplify Digital Ordering for Your Restaurant

Seamlessly integrate your delivery orders and manage all of your third-party menus directly through your POS system – in the same place, at the same time.

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How it Works

Not only will your POS be able to integrate digital orders, it will also allow you to manage all of your third-party menus, in the same place, at the same time. You know what that means? No more tablet chaos.

Chowly’s POS integration benefits restaurants of any size, as well as cafes, bakeries and more. Small businesses that don’t have their own tech staff can especially benefit as it takes much of the burden off your shoulders.


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Enter your DoorDash, GrubHub, or UberEats menus to better understand how your digital menu performs up against our best practices. We’ll give you a score from 0 to 100 with suggestions for how to optimize its performance.

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Integrating online ordering with your POS is just the beginning

Increase Revenue

With Chowly it’s easy to add third-party ordering platforms and manage your menu, leading to more sales and higher average tickets.

Reduce Labor Costs

Busy restaurants typically have at least one employee dedicated to transferring online orders into a POS system—reduce your labor costs with Chowly.

Improve Accuracy

No more juggling separate tablets and manually transferring orders to your POS. Chowly’s POS integrations eliminates human error inherent in manual order entry.

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