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Chowly’s order integration helps you increase revenue and improve operational efficiency, allowing you to focus on making great food and keeping customers happy.

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Increase Revenue

With Chowly it’s easy to add third-party ordering platforms and manage your menu, leading to more sales and higher average tickets.

Reduce Labor Costs

Busy restaurants typically have at least one employee dedicated to transferring digital orders into a POS system—reduce your labor costs with Chowly.

Improve Accuracy

No more juggling separate tablets and manually transferring orders to your POS. Chowly’s integration eliminates human error inherent in manual order entry.

Chowly's Online Ordering... Coming Soon

We’re bringing an enterprise-grade online ordering experience to independent locations and emerging chains with Koala. Be a part of the best off-premise ordering product for the restaurant industry.

How it Works


Not only will your POS be able to integrate digital orders, it will also allow you to manage all of your third-party menus, in the same place, at the same time. You know what that means? No more tablet chaos.


Order Integration

Chowly was the original third-party marketplace POS integrator, and today we have over 150 marketplace partners and over 50 POS partners.

Our POS integration transmits customer orders directly into your POS system, so you can:

Menu Management

With POS Menu Sync, you can manage all third-party menus in one place. Easily add, edit, and remove items, then sync them in real-time across locations, regions, and brands directly from your POS system

Restaurant Control Center

Chowly’s Restaurant Control Center consolidates third-party delivery data in one place, providing unprecedented visibility into your restaurant’s order history. This provides you the insights you need to spot trends, make smarter decisions, and take advantage of opportunities that you may not have known existed before.

Google Direct Order

Google’s partnership with Chowly makes it possible for customers to place an order right from your restaurants’ Google page. With Google Direct Order’s lower commission rate, you’ll start putting more money in your pocket right away. Chowly can even get you launched the same day you sign up!

Virtual Restaurants

Our first-of-its-kind Virtual Restaurant platform leverages Chowly’s local delivery sales data to match real, established brands to your location based on what we know will sell. (And we provide the full tech-stack, too. Talk about turnkey!)

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